Our promises

We aim at finding culture-fit talents who are content in the workforce, who share the same values and culture with their employers.

And we have the ambition of doing this in a different way, with more focus on communication, transparency, respect and integrity – a social responsible way of doing a more human recruiting. 

Yes, we strongly believe it’s possible to do it and here are our promises:
  • Listen carefully to understand all needs (both personal and professional).

  • Be honest, transparent and respectful.

  • Be up front about what we can’t (or don’t, or won’t) do.

  • Never persuade you in something if you're not interested in.

  • Keep a stable flow of information and share any feedback as soon as possible (yes, also the negative ones!).

  • Always value confidentiality and respect the specific needs of each of us.

  • Give back to charity projects the 5% of our revenues.

  • Work hard to improve gender equality within the IT/Fintech & Finance industry.

  • Always go over and above, with passion and kindness.

  • Ensure you are enjoying the experience with us.

  • And the most important one, make you smile