We are very pleased to meet you and look forward to support you at our best!

Deciding to create/expand a team with new talents is already a big step that you have taken. Our goal is to make your recruitment process as simple as possible and provide you with all our passion to get the people you deserve. 

Identifying the right (value-fit) candidate, joining not only for money but because he/she believe in what you do, will avoid future recruiting costs and will permit to maintain a solid brand identity to attract and retain talents (old and new generations).

To obtain this scope, there is only one solution: candidates need to see in you the same values we also saw when we started to work together. If we can’t help, we will just tell you. But hopefully there is a good chance we can.

Here are our promises for you:
  • Listen carefully to understand your brief.
  • Always be completely transparent with you and keep you informed throughout the process.

  • Provide a service that is as much as possible tailored to your operational needs

  • Follow-up a research after the placement and give you full support in case on troubles.

  • Present your business professionally and protect your brand in everything we say and do externally

  • Take time to interview and character profiles of candidates before presenting you a shortlist. 

  • Never promise you the unrealizable.

  • Use all our passion to help you fill a role.

  • Make you smile!

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